Jane Austen January

For some reason January is always my Jane Austen month. Perhaps it is the post holiday ennui, but I find myself driven to watch DVDs, and challenge myself to read the novels again. Last year was supposed to be my Jane Austen year, but the challenge got off track. This year I am going to try again. And I’m adding a layer.

Austenprose is a Jane Austen blog. (OK, I’ll admit it, I read a couple of Austen blogs and dream of going to Bath.) Since this is the 200th birthday of SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, she has posted a S&S Challenge. I’m game,but in exploring the rules, etc. I found that there are several Jane Austen challenges for 2011. The Diary of an Eccentric blog lists several. So, at the end of this first week of January I am going to ponder my options. I will report back this weekend. Perhaps, like the Eccentric, I will chose a couple.

Any suggestions on this front? A SENSE AND SENSIBILITY challenge? The Jane Austen Mystery Challenge (I haven’t read this series, but may try one before I jump in). Or just a general Jane Challenge.

Considering I watched two versions of SENSE AND SENSIBILITY and one of EMMA last weekend alone, nevermind the fact that the Colin Firth BluRay PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is on order…perhaps giving a name to my obsession will make it less…obsessive.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! Have fun reading Austen this year!


    1. Thank you! Your blog gave me some ideas. Happy Austen to you as well!


  2. Thanks for the shout out J. A. Both the challenges I am offering are one book and or movie or more, so you have already finished the challenge technically by viewing S&S. I hope this encourages you to read and view more this year.


    1. Thanks! Focusing on Austen has been a goal, and you all are inspiring me to make a commitment. Also love the Downton Abbey info.


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