Found in the Wild!

In Bookstores now.png

Seeing your books in a bookstore never, ever gets old. Yesterday I went to a Barnes & Noble, and saw both Chime and Punishment, the 3rd in my Clock Shop series, and A Christmas Peril, the debut of my Theater Cop series, close by each other on the shelf marked “New Releases”. I beamed. Since I was alone, I couldn’t share it with anyone, so I thought it was worth a post!

I’m currently on a “blog tour” for A Christmas Perilhere’s the schedule! I had a great tour for Chime and Punishment in August. What a whirlwind these past two months have been–truly a dream come true!

Over at the Wicked Cozy Authors blog I posted about A Christmas Peril’s path to publication! It took a while, but here it is!

Thanks for all of your support!


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