So I went great guns in December, but nothing since. A major job change (thrilling, exciting, exhilarating, scary) has refocused much of my attention, but it occurs to me that isn’t good. The thing is, once one part of your life changes every part changes somewhat–either with the time you can devote to it, or the way you look at it.

My new job is in theater, and I will be spending some blogging time in another capacity on that. This blog will be focussed on other parts of my life–my writing, my attempts at adult onset athleticism, Jane Austen, the Boston Red Sox, television, food, ideas, etc. The other parts that add up to me.

I really want to develop the discipline to do this regularly. I have that discipline for a job, or when I am in a group but when it is just me, not so much.

Hopefully this discipline will spill over to the other neglected areas of my life–working out, training, writing, querying, reading Jane Austen, etc. Anyway, that’s the hope. So short posts about how that is going will be forthcoming.

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  1. Ruth says:

    Yay, Julie! Paying attention to all your loves, while still swimming upstream with the exhaustion/excitement of a new job, sounds like a good, well-rounded (and much needed) plan. A little bit everyday, right? It’s good for your soul. And for those of us who care about your soul.

    Happy writing!


    1. Thanks Ruth. Your blog is one of my inspirations.

      Happy writing indeed. Pondering plot as we speak.


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