This version was new to me, but the Flintstones themselves have been in my life forever. I have such fondness for the cartoon–I loved the imagination about how everyday things were reinvented for stone ageĀ sensibilities. I also loved the Fred/Wilma and Barney/Betty dynamic. Of course as an adult I can still enjoy them, but on a different level.

In this version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL Fred is going to play Scrooge in the community theater production. Barney is doubling as Fezziwig and Bob Cratchit. Wilma is the stage manager, and is forced to jump in as costumer when the Bedrock bug hits. During the course of the production Wilma has to step into a number of roles, since the Bedrock bug starts taking out the rest of the cast.

Fred has taken on some of Ebenezer’s less admirable traits during rehearsal, and Wilma is fed up with him. So as Scrooge transforms, so does Fred. The story itself is quite faithful to Dickens. Not perfect, but has the tone. And for Flintsone fans it is a must see.

Now to track down the Jetson’s version…

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