These Barbie movies are a fairly recent phenomena that likely alludes most of you unless you have small children (more than likely girls, but I am not going to assume) in your life. I am fortunate enough to be an aunt, and therefore Barbie’s CHRISTMAS CAROL is on my viewing list. And you know, it isn’t half bad.

Another show biz version of the story (what is it about show biz that lends itself to so many CHRISTMAS CAROL adaptations?), Eden is the name of our Scrooge in this version. Catherine is Bob Cratchit (her assistant) and Tammy is an orphan who is this version’s Tiny Tim. All of the elements are there, telling the story of Eden’s redemption.

My nieces loved this version, which is the important thing. And I liked it fine, which makes its multiple viewings tolerable.

What do you think? Let me know?

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