When you mention DIVA’S CHRISTMAS CAROL to people they nod, smile and stay silent. But not the “I have nothing to say” sort of silent. Instead it is the “you first” silence. The “I don’t want to go out this limb, but I hate to admit it but I like it” silence. Vanessa Williams is Ebony, the Scrooge of this version. One gets the sense that the writer is a Supremes fan, since VW reminded me of Diana Ross. A lot.

The rest of the cast has an equally strong POV. Kathy Griffith is the Ghost of Christmas Past. John Taylor is the Ghost of Christmas Present. The Ghost of Christmas Future is actually an episode of “Behind the Music”.

This could be a train wreck. And yet. This version has the spirit of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. A cute Tiny Tim. A Scrooge who doesn’t see the need for change. A strong redemption. Even some tears at the end.

I find that the best CHRISTMAS CAROLs really explain why Scrooge became Scrooge, and this version does that very well. It is interesting that her Belle is Bob Cratchett [sic], and that Bob is married to someone else.

I think this version is fab. There, I said it. A fun update with enough gravitas to allow it to resonate. The story of the trio where one person shoots to fame is familiar enough to keep it from getting too dated. And the show business background is fun. Highly recommended.

What do you think? Let me know?

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